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Look below for examples of some of the latest technology products we offer that utilize drone imagery to its fullest potential. No matter what crop you are producing,
AeroAg can help .

Crop Health Report (CHR)

AeroAg will fly your field using drones and specialized cameras to find areas of interest (AOIs) depending on your needs. Disease, Pests, and Fertilizer issues are all visible in the palm of your hand at any time.  Flooding and crop health are easily visible for you to make a more informed management decision.


Stand Count Reports (SCR) 

How accurate is your germination rate? Using our drones and Agremo algorithms, we can produce a stand count report up to 98% accuracy after the V4 stage. Assessing stand establishment with an SCR is a precise way to see if your crop is growing satisfactorily.


MicaSense Atlas: Our Free Tool for Crop Monitoring at your Finger Tips

Surveying Services

Elevation Surveying and 3-D Modeling

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